Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Postage options for online businesses

As I've grown my Amazon business, postage costs have become a big part of my running costs. Until this year, I'd only ever used Royal Mail by dropping off parcels at my local post office. I still do this for most of my parcels but when Royal Mail upped their prices and I heard about the IPO, I decided to look around. Now, anyone who's been to where I live in Sedbergh, England (I expect that's none of you) will know that it didn't take me long to look. The Post Office is the only place I can obviously send parcels. I checked out other couriers (TNT, MyHermes etc.), for the size of parcel I generally send, they're still more expensive (although this might be different if I lived in a city??). So anyway, I did find a flyer for Collect+ at Sedbergh Spar. If you do the maths, they work out cheaper sometimes, so if you haven't tried them, they're at loads of corner shops and all Spar shops. If though, you're still stuck with Royal Mail, I found that you can sign up for Drop & Go, which discounts some parcel types. It's a pain to register, you need ID and proof of residence (I'm 15 so I used my passport and a bank statement) but I generally save about £1 per parcel, so it's really worth doing. Anyway, I didn't feel up to commenting on the US government shutdowns today, so I thought I'd post this instead.

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