Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Create & Exploit Your Own Gap in the Online Retail Market!

I've described below an Amazon.co.uk strategy that I particularly favour and can potentially bring in massive profits on some items.

When selling rarer, high ticket products that only have one or two sellers offering them, the competition is so limited that there's massive unrealised opportunity to be exploited. So, those sellers can charge whatever they like, and people pay it because there's almost zero competition. Now this is a golden opportunity for you. If there are two other sellers, you could either hope to get hold of the product very cheaply (which is great but doesn't happen very often), or you could do what I do. Provided there's a big enough gap between the two prices (there usually is when there are only a couple of sellers offering a particular high ticket rarer item) you can buy out the lower competition's item and then charge anything up to the higher price offered for it when you re-sell it back on Amazon.

If you want an example, visit this Vintage Star Wars Boba Fett Slave 1 Ship Listing My company (Hinson Enterprises) is selling it at the lower of the two prices.Say, for example, you bought the product for the lower price, there would then be no competition on any price up to £225 (the other seller's price at time of writing), so you could resell it for anything up to that, making just under £100 profit.

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