Saturday, 21 September 2013

Fox On Stocks / Twitter IPO

Hey readers! I've just found this site by another teen trader called Rachel Fox in the US: . She's written an interesting post on Twitter's upcoming IPO. I would feel quite bullish on it's shares (set to be trading on the exchange before Thanksgiving, Nov 28th for us Brits), although, as Rachel has written, Twitter only has to release documents 3 weeks before it pushes to sell their shares. I anticipate Twitter to be viewed as more of a growth opportunity than Facebook (FB:US). It currently has 500m users and, as a teenager, I've seen a gradual shift among my friends from Facebook to Twitter. Facebook currently has 1.15bn users, so if this shift continues Twitter could easily double its user numbers in the next couple of years, which should do wonders for it's stock price. For fellow UK buyers, I would hope that positive UK Q2 GDP figures released in 5 days time should put the GBP/USD exchange rate on an upwards trend on the back of Bernanke's wary Fed plan for QE announced last week, making these shares more attractive. I welcome any thoughts or comments.


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